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Set up an Instagram account for your practice from scratch
Create irresistible content that gets people excited about eye care & eyewear
Find and attract an engaged local audience of potential patients
Nurture followers as they become loyal ambassadors for your practice

The Social EYEcademy has everything you need to:

Brand building

The pillars of social success

How to create your content plan

Social strategy and Instagram 101

Marketing tips and tricks

Join me in the virtual classroom as I cover:

Debasish Mridha, M.D.

"Education opens our minds eye to see the world with our own unique vision and perception."




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You will learn how to identify your brand values, mission statement, and niche, as well as get clear about who your ideal audience is. Plus, you'll learn how to choose fonts, colors, and other visual elements to create a cohesive brand look. Includes a brand building kit with brand boards, social post templates, and lookbook to house all of your branding assets in one place!

Boost and build your brand awareness by creating an eye-catching identity that captures the attention of your ideal audience.


Brand EYEdentity

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You will learn how to focus in on your core categories in order to create content that positions you as the go-to expert in your niche. I'll also teach you how to create a content calendar, build a sustainable schedule, and use shortcuts to simplify the process. Plus, you'll get to swipe my organizational system for organizing & planning a year's worth of content!

Get clear on your niche, identify your content pillars, and craft a content strategy that will ward off any symptoms of content-itivitis.


Content Clarity

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A step-by-step path to help you find success on social media, no matter whether you're a newbie or pro. You'll learn how to get started on social platforms, optimize your profiles, increase your visibility on social media, and streamline your social media marketing strategy. 

Everything an eye care business needs to know to get started on social media and build a following.


The Social-Eyes Framework



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A 5-day workshop designed to help you understand your relationship with social media, break down & build up better habits, and lay a foundation for moving forward with confidence. Includes a workbook with daily activities, journaling prompts, and audio meditations to guide you.

Set your sights on healthier, more sustainable social media habits through reflection and mindset shifts. 


Social Media
Refocus Workshop

Free Classes

free classes

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Learn the basic principles of social media marketing for your eye care business in this FREE mini video series. Includes short videos, printable weekly post planner template, and one week of social content planned and created for you! With 7 days of prompts, photos, and graphics, all you need to do is add your caption and post!

A FREE mini-class to help you get started with and simplify social media for your eye care business.


SimplifEYE Your Socials Mini-Class

I'm here to help you build and scale your eye care business by marketing on social media, growing your following with your ideal audience, and transforming overwhelming content creation into simple social success. 

Your business deserves to be seen and succeed. Which is why I'm going to expertly guide, inform, and provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources that you need to optimize your social media marketing, promote your eye care services & products to reach more patients, and become the go-to ECP in your local community.

I'm an optometrist, content creator, mom of 2, eyewear enthusiast, and so much more. I believe that marketing your practice on social media should be just as fun – if not more! – than shopping for new glasses.

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