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Years of taking digital courses, practicing my skills, and lots of trial-and-error! Plus, I took graphic design and photography courses in undergrad as a way to counterbalance the science- and math-based courses I was taking to prepare for optometry school. What was just a hobby grew into this business... and now I get to help eye care pros all over the world market their practices on social media! Who better to seek help from than someone who actively works in the eye care industry AND has the skills needed to create eye-catching content for you!

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Absolutely! I love to talk about branding, digital marketing, content creation, and all things social! I am available to teach courses and/or host interactive workshops in-person or virtually. Send me a message at hello@simplifeyesocial.com and let's get to chatting!

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Do you even need to ask that question?! Heck yeah! Send me a DM over on Instagram (@simplifeyesocial) and let's connect & collaborate. I love to meet new people and discover ways to support one another. I am a firm believer in community over competition!

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