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Say hello to your social shortcut 

That's when I decided to learn how to do it all by myself: photography, graphic design, web design, copywriting, marketing, and more...

However, I realized that while I had the time, energy, and interest to learn these skills, not everyone who wants to market their brand or biz online does — especially not busy working professionals, business owners, or students — and so the idea for SimplifEYE Social was born.

I founded SimplifEYE Social to give you the creative tools you need to bring your brand and business into the spotlight online, while making social media marketing FUN & SIMPLE.

Cue A-ha! moment

It all started with an Instagram account and a blog....

Back in 2015, I started building an online brand that positioned me as an eye care influencer. This opened the doors for me to share my expertise through company-sponsored workshops, courses, and speaking engagements at industry trade shows, as well as become a contributing writer for industry publications, appear in numerous industry magazines (plus, a spot as a cover model!), and be interviewed on video and radio shows.

But this was before SimplifEYE Social came into existence.

That story began when I was building a website, writing a blog, and creating social media content for multiple accounts. I searched for ready-made visuals to make the process easier, but soon became frustrated with the lack of stylish stock photos and graphics available for eye care professionals and practices. (I thought: "Why does everything look so boring and commercial?!")

Hi, I'm Dr. Rights!

I'm an optometrist, content creator, mom of 2, eyewear enthusiast, and so much more. I believe that marketing your practice on social media should be just as fun – if not more! – than shopping for new glasses.

You can't build a business without truly being seen.

I understand the challenge of building an eye-catching online brand that appeals to your ideal patient. I know the feeling of having to create content for multiple social media accounts and websites.

Between posting daily to your Instagram feed, needing images for blog posts and Pinterest Pins — not to mention engaging Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, email newsletters, and keeping your website updated — creating content for your practice can feel like you're a hamster on a wheel.

But there's one thing we know is true when it comes to attracting a following: Good visuals are a non-negotiable.

Good visuals help you get noticed and be remembered. When done right, your brand and business looks more professional, more successful, and more appealing – which drives patients to your office.

But what you didn't know is that digital marketing also meant becoming a professional photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, strategist, social media manager...

You're an eye care pro wanting more eyes on your biz in order to grow.

Great news, simplicity seeker 

I'm here to guide you to a place in social media marketing where  overwhelm is cured and simplicity shines. 


It shouldn’t. But, let’s be real, it totally is, right?

Especially when you’re sitting there, dreaming of how things *could* be if you only found the time, creative energy, and expertise to show up on social media in the way you've always envisioned.

Through my signature content memberships and coaching, I'll expertly guide, inform, and provide eye care pros & business owners with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to optimize their social media marketing, promote their offerings to reach more patients, and become the go-to ECPs in the industry.

No fancy jargon. No fussy, overcomplicated strategies. Just clear, simple, and effective social media guidance that gets you the best possible results. 

Thus, SimplifEYE Social was founded with a simple mission:

To help others in the eye care industry eliminate their content creation overwhelm so that they can free up more time to do the things they truly love in their career and business.

Creativity is permission to be ourselves

Success is a journey not a destination

Community over competition

Ideas are never wasted

Keep it simple & sustainable

Plus, these core principles:

My passion (and biz) is fueled by hard work, a creative spirit, and coffee...

It's not just about finding the latest trends and shopping for eye- & glasses-themed goods that excites me...

my business values

'Cause I've
got the visual goods
your eye care business
needs for patients
to take notice!

Ready to see your socials transform?